Travel Air Pillow

Travel Air Pillow

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  • Multi Use Travel Pillow: Inflatable travel pillow is convenient and original, and will provide you a colorful trip life. The portable pump can help you easily aerate the air travel pillow

  • Perfect Design Bases On Ergonomics: The unique design of the travel pillow is according to the curvature of human neck, which supports jaw closely and clings to head, neck and chest physiological curve to reduce cervical pressure

  • We Always Care About Your Health: Accompany with a portable pump, you can aerate the inflatable pillow anywhere. Save you from the situation that you may should aerate it with your mouth, protecting you from the respiratory disease

  • How To Use It: You can take this convenient pillow everywhere. No matter you are in train, airplane, classroom or even in workplace, just take out this pillow and use pump to focus on the second valve and then push and pull, and after about 1.5 minutes, the pillow will be full of gas. Now it’s your time to start your happy trip

  • Easily To Take: When the pillow is full of gas, the height , length and width of this pillow are 18.5,12.2 and 12.2 inches. Therefore it is secure enough to hold your head and face. When the pillow is out of gas, the height , length and width are 6.3, 3.5 and 3.1 inches and with the pump together the weight is 13.4 oz. So you can just put it into your bag, and it will not take too much room of your bag