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Unisex HairWax Dye

Unisex HairWax Dye - NovaShop365 ™

Unisex HairWax Dye

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  • Strong hair lacquers could add texture and shine
  • The Hair Wax also applies to medium to thick hair and is easy to operate and, clean
  • MOFAJANG is suitable for all Hair Types the hold, easy to control
  • Enjoy everyday life to begin with a new hair style that designed as you like at home instead of salon
  • TEMPORARY DYING HAIR: Good solution for people who likes dying hair with different colors. Easy coloring, easy washing, strong and no damage hair, no stickiness


- Step 1: Place a finger full of grey wax on the palm and spread a bit

- Step 2: Use that on one section of the hair which needs coloring
- Step 3: Plan the section of hair with white highlights or apply the wax on the entire head
- Step 4: Wash easily once used.

If your hair is not long enough to try a no branching hair, only need to reapply on the shape of the product after using the flat comb several times supplemented with palm adjustment can make all different hairstyle

1.Take the right amount evenly rub wax on your hand to the finger, the fingers open, insert the scalp direction, then pulling up the hair together, repeated several times, according to their own requirements your hair stand up angle
2. To create rich and dynamic modeling, first in the clean hair, use a hair dryer to blow the hair naturally fluffy state, head of hair blowing hand against the hair root.
3. Shampoo and blow dry hair, wipe a small amount in the palm rub evenly on the hair with a comb and design the style you want.