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Comfortable Avocado Soft Pillow

Comfortable Avocado Soft Pillow - NovaShop365 ™

Comfortable Avocado Soft Pillow

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Avocado is already a mainstay in dips, salads, and trendy smoothies, but now this versatile fruit has another use: snuggling!


This oversized stuffed toy will quickly become your new favorite lounging companion. Like the other members of the Squishable family, the Avocado is perfectly sized for hugging and so soft that you won’t want to let go.

The dimpled, smiling face on the pit makes your new fuzzy friend an adorable addition to your couch or bed. You won’t be able to resist a squeeze—and not because you want to see if it’s ripe.

For people who like: 

  • cooking
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  • plush

Features & specs

  • Plush stuffed toy styled after a split avocado
  • Available in five sizes
  • Material: polyester fiber
  • Ages 3+

Comfort food

Not only is avocado good for your morning toast, now it’s good for your morning snuggles too. The Avocado Squishable is made of luxuriously soft plush that begs to be touched and squeezed. Curl up with the stuffed fruit on a lazy morning, at the end of a long day, or anytime you need cozy comfort.

Stuffed avocado toy
Embrace the food trend.

A healthy serving

The Avocado Squishable is immensely huggable… and just plain immense! Measuring a foot in diameter, it’s the perfect size to wrap your arms around for a big ol’ hug. Plus the fuzzy (in a good way) fruit is balanced so it stands upright when you want to show off your new produce pal.

17” squishable
Don’t worry, you’re not paying by the pound.

Make mine a mini

If you have an appetite for cute but aren’t sure you have room for a heaping helping, the Squishable family has other sizes on the menu. The mini Avocado Squishable fits all the charm of the large stuffed animal into a toy that can be held in one hand.

Stuffed avocado in two sizes
All sizes have been thoroughly hug-tested.

Cute to go

If you’re looking for an adorable fruit to take with you through the day, grab a keychain Avocado Squishable. With a size similar to a real avocado, this lil’ cutie comes with a plastic clip, unlike a real avocado, so you can attach it to your backpack, purse, or whatever!

Find the plush portion that fits your needs and know that no matter your choice, you’ll get a soft pal for hugging and more.

More portable, but just as squishable.

Cute enough to eat

It turns out that anything can be cute if you make it into a Squishable. The Avocado Squishable’s huggable shape is accented with a simple, adorable smile on the pit that protrudes from the fruit. For a touch of realism, the dark green skin is decorated with five light green spots and a brown stem.

Cute avocado toy
The one time you want fuzz on your fruit.